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Tips to Living Healthy
General body wellness is called health. It is the state whereby ones body is functioning at its optimal state. This means that the body is well both mentally and physically. It is the physical, mental and so spiritual capability to make healthy choices for ourselves . We are happy and able to do many things when we are healthy. This paper will outline tips to living healthy.
The food that we eat constitute majorly our healthy journey. Food that we eat is like medicine for our bodies. For us to be healthy there is need to cook healthy food. Food is healthy when it has the nutrients needed for our body. Food is balance when it has protein, healthy fats,vitamins and carbohydrates. Carbohydrates should be the non processed ones as well as proteins should be the good protein. Since cooked food rarely has all the nutrients the body need we should makeup by taking supplements. Some of the supplements that we should take include minerals,vitamins and protein shakes.
To stay healthy we should exercise. Exercising ensure that the cells remain health. We can talk long walks or even enroll in a gym to do workouts. Cardio workout is very good in cutting down weight and it is good for our heart. Weight lifting is good for muscle building. Jogging in the morning is also another way we can stay fit . By working out we are able to keep a healthy weight as we stay healthy.
Since our body is mostly made of water we should ensure we drink a lot of it to stay healthy. It is recommended that we take 8 glasses of water per day. Water helps us detox especially when we urinate and sweat. Water helps our digestive system and prevents constipation. In addition to taking water we should take lots of other fluids such as fresh juices, green tea etc.
Maintaining a healthy mental health. We can do this by avoiding stress in our life. Stress is a very unhealthy emotional disease that is caused by overthinking in many cases about problems. Stress stabilizes your emotions and feelings and it is not good for your general well being. If not treated stress can lead to depression. If not treated on time depression being a mental disease can kill.
Maintaining a healthy body weight. So as to maintain good health one must have healthy weight. Healthy weight is checked through the BMI which should be normal based on height ,weight and the age of the person. Diseases such as heart problems dietetics and cancers are caused by being overweight.

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